Hedgehog CMS

Ein Open-Source-CMS ohne Datenbank

Hedgehog CMS on a Screen
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Since I did not know about databases I worked my way around the problem, creating a cms that works without database. Instead, my software relied on writing data into text files. This made the project a technically weak solution but it was also the reason why lots of people downloaded it from Sourceforge.net. Most of them wanted to avoid the struggles of setting up a database.

Hedgehog CMS Open Source Software
Text Editor of Hedgehog CMS
Console of Hedgehog CMS
Red Theme

The skins I designed were not pretty by today’s standards but at the time I was proud of my creations. I terminated the project when people started complained about bugs in my programming. The CMS may not have been a stable piece of programming but for the sixteen year-old Felix the project was a very elevating experience.

A grey Theme
New Page created with Hedgehog CMS

Back in 2006 when I first made contact with web design I decided to start a project that would give me the opportunity to practice my coding skills. At the time nobody knew about blogs and most CMS software was far too complicated so I decided to start programming a simple CMS. The piece of Open Source software should enable my class mates and relatives to create simple web sites without knowing anything about coding.