The Stream of Time — Illustration

Eine Illustration zum Thema Zeit.

Illustration "The Stream of Time" - Eine Figur in einem Bötchen fährt auf den Zeigern einer Uhr, die sich wie ein Strom unter dem Boot winden.

I decided to illustrate time as a stream because no matter how hard we try, it cannot be stopped. Time flows endlessly through our lives and carries us to where we belong. It brings new challenges and opportunities and all we have to do is reach out for them.

Details der Illustration

In course of the competition, the work got shortlisted and was exhibited in Sotheby’s and the Saatchi Gallery. I was also very proud to sell my exhibit, a print of the piece.

Details der Illustration
Details der Illustration

 The original pencil drawing was done on an A3 piece of paper. Colour and textures were added digitally in Photoshop.

Die Illustration in schwarz-weiß
Exhibited in the Saatchi Gallery and in Sotheby’s auction house in London.