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Still searching for a continuous style.

I have also been occupying myself with Psychoanalysis. I added some interesting passages:

On Dreams:

“Dreams are completely egoistical” (Freud, 1899, p. 322)

“Every dream deals with the dreamer itself. Dreams are completely egoistical. Whenever my own ego does not appear in the content of the dream, but only some extraneous person, I may safely assume that my own ego lies concealed, by identification, behind this other person; I can insert my ego into the context.” (Freud 1899, p. 322)

“On other occasions, when my own ego does appear in the dream, the situation in which it occurs may teach me that some other person lies concealed, by identification, behind my ego. In that case the dream should warn me to transfer on to myself, when I am interperting the dream, the concealed common element attached to this person.” (Freud 1899, p. 322)

“There are also dreams in which my ego appears along with other people who, when identification is resolved, are revealed once again as my ego. These identifications should then make it possible for me to bring into contact with my ego certain ideas whose acceptance has been forbidden by the censorship. Thus my ego may be represented in a dream several times over, now directly and now through identification with extraneous persons (Freud 1899, p.323)

On Neurosis / Super-Ego as father:

“mental health very much depends on the super-ego’s being normally developed – That is, on its having become sufficiently impersonal.” In cases of people who suffer from neuroses, “their super-ego still confronts their ego as a strict father confronts a child; and their morality operates in a primitive fashion in that the ego gets itself punished by the super-ego.” (The Question of Lay Analysis, 1926, p.233)