I have refined my project’s onjectives and decided to concentrate on one particular piece of text:

An interview with the German psychoanalyst Arno Gruen, who talks about psychological issues such as castration anxiety, sadism and anger on a large scale. The interview The Insanity of Normality is available in German language as MP3 file and as script on the web site of the radio station SWR2:


It is 30 minutes in length, when read.

The interview is interesting because Gruen talks about many social problems that I find important myself. I agree with his view on moderns society in many respects.

The interview is not a deep analysis of psychological issues but a brief discussion of several areas of our lives. Gruen points out the connections between these and I find this interesting.

Some of his ideas:

  • Our gerneration has lost perspective on life
  • Our society loses solidarity
  • We become lonely, narcissistic individuals
  • We rely on others feeling responsible
  • We reject weakness and sensitivity as problems
  • Instead we support competitive behaviour
  • We adapt roles and act in order to convince others

I am still considering if and how I can work with these ideas visually.

I am not yet certain, whether the interview will be the only content or just the main content of my project.