I have translated the Interview Wahnsinn Normalität -> The Insanity of Normality. An extract:

Reciter: Children are not able to defend themselves against the threat of cold parental authority. When parents classify their children’s feelings as weak and worthless, they learn to feel ashamed of themselves. This is how parents get children to feel guilty for something that threatens them. The result is a deep-seated loss of self-esteem. This deficit is the reason for people being motivated by obedience and conforming with parental dictation.

Narrator: These people no longer recognize their own fear and pain. If they did, they would see themselves as weak and contemptible. When we become obedient, we give up our own feelings and perceptions. Instead we rely on authorities to guide us. Although we reject or even hate them we start to identify with them and submit. This results in self-hatred. Our aggression is not directed against the oppressors but we look for the enemy in other things or people. The victim becomes the perpetrator.