I have translated another text into English: A book review from Psychologie Heute on the book Aggression by Jesper Juul:

We keep reminding ourselves to stay positive and spend much time and energy in order to not say what we want and feel. But by doing so, we endanger our mental health, deconstruct our self-esteem and destroy our self-confidence. Aggressive emotions are ostracized; showing frustration, rejection and rage is frowned upon. Aggression has become a new taboo.

The message “You must not get angry!” has been responsible for many children going through the roof or being discriminated against in the past 15 years.

The violence in the politeness and correctness of adults injures the integrity of children. The demonization of aggression prevents, that children can learn to deal with emotions and to channel their aggressive impulses constructively. And there one shall not get angry? Jesper Juul is upset about the behaviour of adults who prohibit aggression. He attacks the cultural imperative of always having to be nice, pleasant and gentle. He unmasks the do-gooders and exposes the well concealed aggressions against the weaker ones. Those are always the children, even if it sometimes seems, as if the two-year-old was the strongest personality in a home.

German original found here.